couple holding hands and talking about their intensive retreat

5 Realistic Expectations For An Intensive Therapy Retreat (And Your Marriage)

More and more couples are realizing the benefits of an intensive therapy retreat for their marriage. Once couples understand the difference between intensive couples therapy and regular couples counseling, it becomes clear that working more efficiently towards your marital goals is the obvious preference. However, it is also important to have realistic expectations for your experience during your retreat.

“Emotions are the currency of relationships, and the therapists job is to help you invest in your relationship during the retreat.”

Prepare To Feel And Express Your Emotions

Emotions are the currency of relationships, and the therapists job is to help you invest in your relationship during the retreat. This means you are going to feel emotions. Deep emotions. The way you regulate and express them is vital to the success of your marriage.

Many couples unfortunately act out their emotions towards each other in ways that creates disconnection. Brain scans of couples show us that 

Be Ready To Learn And Practice New Skills

Most couples are stuck in negative cycles because they continue to behave in the same way with each other. The good news, is that when you a break a circle anywhere, it’s not longer a circle. During your retreat, you will learn dozens of ways to break your habits and only one of those need to stick to start creating positive changes.

Change Is Going To Happen

Intensive therapy retreats are like warp speed marriage therapy. That means you are condensing the experience of approximately 6 months of therapy into a weekend intensive. Something is going to change in the relationship as a result.

Most couples find the experience brings them closer together because they are able for often the first time to express their emotions, desires, and pain in a way that creates a connection.

Separation Is A Possible Outcome

People often ask what the success rates are for a couples therapy retreat. The answer depends on how you define success. Being able to repair the marriage is obviously wonderful when it can happen. However, there are a minority of couples who truly are incompatible and would be happier and more fulfilled if they went their separate ways.

The possibility of separation should be considered if both spouses are miserable in the relationship. Sometimes even considering divorce actually motivates a couple to recommit to their marriage and brings them closer.

Create An Aftercare Plan Before Leaving An Intensive Therapy Retreat

A marriage retreat is an excellent way to access professional support in a deep and efficient manner. However, once the retreat ends the couple must continue to apply their new skills in order for the changes to last and become permanent. The couples therapist will provide each of you an individualized plan to help you increase your emotional intelligence and self regulation as well as discuss options for future support by the therapist.

Intensive therapy retreats provide a powerful opportunity for you to make significant and lasting changes in your marriage. Because of the fast pace of the marital workshop, clients are often surprised to experience benefits in such a short period of time.

Miracles do happen, and thousands of couples have experienced the benefits of an intensive marriage counseling program. Before signing up for your own retreat, ask yourself if you are ready to do a deep dive into your relationship, your emotions, and your future.

Use the link below to learn more about a private couples retreat for you and your partner, and we hope that you both experience peace and fulfillment for many years to come.