Natural & Lasting ADHD Treatment

Many people take attention and organization for granted, but it is actually very difficult for kids or adults with Attention Deficit Disorder. Fortunately, there are natural ways to improve your overall performance.

Naturally Boost Attention

Discover a drug-free solution to be in control of your attention, get organized, and succeed in your goals. I use a holistic approach and teach your lifelong skills to get you on track.

ADHD Treatments

Learn how to overcome your ADHD and other attentional issues with structured and practical skills

Dr David Helfand PsyD showing woman her brainwaves during neurofeedback


Learn how to train your brain to improve attention and organization


Develop lifelong tools to overcome ADHD and make a plan for success

guy doing meditation training with Dr David Helfand PsyD
Woman using AVE neurofeedback at LifeWise


Harness the power of meditation to retrain your brain

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