CBT Therapy For Kids and Adolescents

Is your child or teen struggling or suffering? One of the most difficult experiences for a parent is feeling helpless or hopeless about their kids. Fortunately, there are proven strategies that can help you and your family break those negative cycles and create positive change. We can help.

Child Therapy Simplified​

The most important first step to support any kid or adolescent is to understand their perspective. This allows us to quickly identify the root cause of their symptoms and then match that to an appropriate treatment. We can assist you and your child overcome a variety of concerns.

Children and teens can be easily overwhelmed by situations or experiences that adults do not fully understand. Seeing the emotional experience from the perspective of your child and then providing tools to help them self soothe is the best way to address anxiety for kids and teens.

More and more families are having to cope with parental separation and divorce. Unfortunately, even if the adults are handling the transition in a healthy way, the children in the home can experience a deep struggle. Using a professional to help your child cope can provide needed stability during a time of significant change.

Sleep problems are on the rise in our society. There are more and more reasons pressuring people of all ages to stay awake later and prioritize performance over self care. Good sleep is one of the most significant ways that we can take care of our minds and bodies, and there are proven strategies that can help you and your family get the sleep you desperately need.

Stress is starting to impact kids and teens at younger and younger ages. Whether academic demands, social stressors, or situations in the home are the root cause, a person’s body can only handle so much until it shows signs of needing help. Let us teach you how to manage and overcome stress so that you can life a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

The average attention span is declining while at the same time performance requirements are increasing in our society. Academic demands, maintaining close friendships, and working towards life goals all require consistent attention and effort. Let us help you maximize the potential of your mind to achieve your goals.

Anna Helfand, LCMHC

Anna Helfand, LCMHC

Expert Parent Coach

Anna’s gentle yet firm approach to helping clients allows them to immediately feel safe and confident that they are in good hands. She has extensive training in child and family counseling, parent coaching, and conflict resolution.

Proven CBT Therapy Skills

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been around for many years and has become a standard for child and adolescent treatments. We use a variety of tools across multiple disciplines to help you and your family finally achieve peace in the home.

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Serving Vermont & Beyond

In-Person & Teletherapy Available

In order to provide support for as many families as possible, we offer virtual and in-person services. It is important to assess if your child is a candidate for teletherapy beforehand since kids and teens have different needs.

Consider A Brain Map

Have you ever wondered what is happening inside the mind of your child or teen? Consider getting a multipoint inspection of their brain’s performance to assess strengths and weaknesses and create a more scientifically driven treatment plan.

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