Couples Counseling To Improve Your Communication & Connection

Is your marriage in crisis? Relationships require skills that most people are never taught. Learn how you can break your negative cycles and create positive change in your relationship by connecting with each other, reflecting on your personal patterns, and effectively redirecting your partner.

Repair And Strengthen Your Marriage

Committed relationships are hard work and many couples are caught in negative cycles of poor communication and interactions. We can teach you how to prioritize, validate, and reconnect with each other so that together you can break your negative cycles and create positive change.

Couples Communication

Break the negative cycles of communication and interaction by learning the skills to reconnect and find peace in your house.

Sexless Marriage

Couples of all ages can lose their spark or desire. Sexual satisfaction is extremely important for marital success and affair prevention.

Affair Recovery

Affairs can feel like the end of the marriage and leave someone questioning what they did wrong or blaming their partner. There are ways to survive and prevent affairs by working on your relationship.

Premarital Counseling

Do you want your happily ever after? Premarital and newlywed couples are rarely taught how to maintain a fulfilling and vibrant marriage. Learn the skills you need to truly honor your vows.

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Marriage Requires Skills

I’m often asked why the divorce rate is so high. My answer is that people are rarely taught relationship skills. Imagine if construction workers were not taught how to properly build houses. How many homes would fall or collapse? I educate every couple on the three pillars of relationship success: connect, reflect, and redirect.


Increase your love, like, and lust for each other while considering how your daily interactions can help create a deeper sense of connection and validation.


Consider how your own emotional intelligence and overall health impact your marriage. Taking responsibility for your actions and making positive contributions to your relationship has profound results.


Learning how to co-regulate with each other creates a deeper sense of connection even during difficult times. This connection also helps guide you both towards a shared vision of your life together.

Couples Therapy Options

Every couples has the choice of an intensive counseling format, or traditional shorter psychotherapy sessions. There are many benefits to working intensively and efficiently on a Couples Retreat instead of stretching out the treatment over weeks and months. However, we understand that not every couple is ready to move that quickly, so couples should consider which option is a better fit for their goals.

Intensive Couples Therapy Retreats

If you are ready to work intensively on your marriage and get faster results, learn more about how an intensive couples therapy retreat is a better fit for your marital goals.

Dr. David Helfand, PsyD

Couples Counseling Expert

Dr H is an expert at quickly discovering why people are stuck in their negative cycles and then identifying the best methods to help them break free. He has a strong background in neuroscience, health psychology, marriage therapy, meditation, and yoga.

Dr. David Helfand PsyD psychologist and owner of LifeWise
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The Neuroscience of Marriage

You will become better at whatever you practice. If you tend to argue, that will increase. If you often feel loved, that will increase. Therefore, part of our job is to help every couple consciously put their marriage in a positive state as much as possible…


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