Private & Intensive Couples Therapy Retreats

Located In Vermont. Virtual Marriage Retreats Also Available.

Have you been feeling stuck for months or years? If you are ready to finally experience positive changes in your relationship and work intensively towards your marriage goals, then we can help. A private intensive couples therapy retreat can get you back on track and teach you how to sustain progress for years to come.

Better Than 6-Months of Couples Therapy

Most people want to experience positive change as quickly and efficiently as possible. Private retreats accomplish exactly that. Instead of traditional therapy sessions where you have to stop just as soon as you feel progress, Retreats keep the momentum so you can work at a deeper level more quickly and effectively.

Benefits of a Couples Retreat

The retreat experience is designed to teach you a process that will help you repair and connect with your partner. In certain cases, we also help couples make a decision if they want to continue working on the marriage or if it is time for a trial separation. 


Every retreat client receives free access to the online couples course so that you can begin learning the skills of a healthy relationship as soon as possible. You will also receive a relationship questionnaire to be completed before your retreat so that we can learn as much as possible about your relationship before meeting with you.

Day One

The first day of your retreat starts with an overview on the science of what makes relationships and marriages successful. Then we will conduct an individual intake with each partner to better understand your goals for the retreat, the history of your marriage, and your personal experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today. After the intakes, we will review the foundations of couples communication before helping you practice with each other while offering coaching and guidance.

Day Two

The second day of your retreat is a deeper dive into helping you communicate your needs, triggers, and underlying emotions behind events that have occurred in your marriage while ultimately helping you both move in a positive direction. This day is tailored to each couple based on your goals and the topics that need to be addressed.

Day Three

The final day of a retreat is a pivotal moment. If you were able to connect and make progress on day two, then we continue that momentum further on day three. If it appears that the marriage cannot be saved or one of you decides you want out, then we negotiate a trial separation that is either structured to help you two reconnect or to mindfully separate.


The last phase of every retreat is to provide ongoing suggestions that will help you continue to make progress for years to come. These might include specific exercises to do together, homework assignments, reading recommendations, or other activities that engage you both in making a positive step towards your goals.

Online Couples Course Included With Every Retreat

Every retreat comes with a subscription to the Online Course. You can also purchase this course as a standalone product if you want to learn the skills in a self-directed process.

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Virtual Intensive Couples Retreats Available

Access expert support and guidance from the comfort and safety of your own home. Please note due to licensing laws, this service is only available in certain states.

Preparing For Your Couples Retreat

Choosing the right counselor is an important decision. We understand that both of you need to feel safe and confident in your choice, so if you need more time to understand how we have helped so many other couples improve couples communication, overcome a sexless marriage, work on affair recovery, or even provide premarital counseling, then learn more about our approach in couples counseling. We are here to help when you are ready.

Let's Get Started

If you are motivated and ready to make positive changes in your life, we are ready to help you. Contact us today to explore working together.