Couples Therapy For Marriage Enhancement

Private Psychotherapy & Intensive Retreats To Fix Your Relationship

Are you ready to connect with each other, rebuild trust, and make your relationship a priority? We offer traditional couples therapy along with private retreats to help you and your partner break your negative cycles and create positive change.

Couples Therapy Options

All couples can choose between an intensive counseling format, or traditional shorter psychotherapy sessions. There are several benefits to working intensively and efficiently on a Couples Retreat instead of stretching out the treatment over months of traditional therapy sessions. However, we understand that not every couple is ready to move that quickly, so please consider which option is a better fit for your goals.

couples sitting on couch at LifeWise in marriage therapy with Dr David Helfand Psy D

Private Couples Retreat

There are many benefits to an Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat.

Traditional Couples Therapy

Traditional therapy can be a better option for some couples.

Dr. David Helfand, PsyD

Couples Therapy Expert

Dr H specializes in quickly discovering why people are stuck in their negative cycles and helping them to identify the best methods to help them break free. He has extensive training in neuroscience, health psychology, marriage therapy, meditation, and yoga.

Dr. David Helfand PsyD psychologist and owner of LifeWise
couples sitting on couch at LifeWise in marriage retreat with Dr David Helfand Psy D

The Tools of Couples Therapy

I’m often asked why the divorce rate is so high. My answer is that people are rarely taught relationship skills. Imagine if construction workers were not taught how to properly build houses. How many homes would fall or collapse? I educate every couple on the three pillars of relationship success: connect, reflect, and redirect.

Preparing For Couples Counseling

Choosing the right counselor is an important decision. We understand that both of you need to feel safe and confident in your choice, so if you need more time to understand how we have helped so many other couples improve couples communication, overcome a sexless marriage, work on affair recovery, or even provide premarital counseling, then learn more about our approach in couples counseling. We are here to help when you are ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

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