Family Therapy For A Peaceful Home

Finding a flow in the life of your family can be very difficult. Most parents are never taught how to handle the stress of raising kids, navigating a marriage, and all while trying to pursue your own goals. Let us help you break your negative cycles and create positive change. The most important first step of family therapy is to clearly describe the goals and then quickly identify the root cause of the issues. In order to provide the best possible outcomes to every client, we offer a variety of ways to get started.

Child & Teen Support

If the children or adolescents in the home need help improving their emotional resiliency, overcoming stress, or working through anxiety or depression, then we can work directly with them to provide guidance and create positive change.

Parental & Adult Support

Sometimes working from the top down will yield the most significant and lasting change. If you need parental guidance or help improving your marriage, we can work with you and your spouse in service of improving the health of the entire family.

Your Team of Family Experts

Dr David Helfand and his wife Anna Helfand have years of training in supporting the goals of families, couples, and individuals. They each have specialized training in different areas, but they work as a team when needed so that every family can experience the same excellent outcomes.

Anna Helfand, LCMHC

Anna Helfand, LCMHC

Anna has years of training in parent coaching, child play therapy, CBT for kids and adolescents, and individual counseling. She has a strong dedication to helping kids and young adults explore their identity and passions in life while empowering parents to become an advocate for their children’s wellbeing.

Dr. David Helfand PsyD psychologist and owner of LifeWise

Dr. David Helfand, PsyD

Dr H is an expert at quickly discovering why people are stuck in their negative cycles and then identifying the best methods to help them break free. He has extensive training in couples counseling, neurofeedback & neuromeditation, brain mapping, and individual counseling. He also offers intensive couples therapy retreats.

Consider Additional Support

Identifying and treating the root cause of any family issue is the best way to assure lasting and profound positive change. We offer several approaches that can help get you and your family back on track.

Individual Counseling

Sometimes one member of a family needs a little extra love and care. We can help you achieve your personal goals so that your family can feel at ease.

Brain Mapping

Have you ever wondered what is happening inside your head? Consider getting a multipoint inspection of your brain’s performance to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Let's Get Started

If you are motivated and ready to make positive changes in your life, we are ready to help you. Contact us today to explore working together.