Compassionate & Effective Individual Therapy

Are you struggling to achieve your goals? Many people feel alone, helpless or hopeless trying to improve their lives. You can break the cycle. Let us help you.

Life is stressful. Whether you are suffering from years of pain or a more recent event in your life, sometimes getting professional help is the only way to achieve your goals and find relief.

Anxiety can make your mind race and leave you feeling out of control in your life. We can help regain control while increasing flexibility and resiliency of your brain all through practical tools you can use every day.

Having panic is scary. Fortunately, there are scientific methods to help treat and prevent panic attacks so you can live a more peaceful life.

Sleep quality is one of the best indicators of overall nervous system function and general health. Poor sleep can cause many other medical issues, so learning how to wake up feeling energized and rested is a great investment in your future.

The average attention span is declining while at the same time performance requirements are increasing in our society. Securing a good job, maintaining close friendships, and working on your life goals all require focus.

Everyone has dreams or goals. Sometimes professional assistance is the best way to efficiently achieve success. Whether you are trying to improve your lifestyle or maximize your brain’s full potential, we can help.

Individual Counseling 2.0

Psychotherapy is only the start of what we offer at LifeWise. Our job is to quickly assess the root cause of your suffering and then make an action plan. Fortunately, we have many tools available to help us help you.

Woman doing neurofeedback training with Dr David Helfand PsyD

Learn how this non-invasive therapy for your brain can unlock your full potential

Man doing a brain map qEEG with Dr David Helfand PsyD

Sign up for a multipoint inspection of your brain to determine your strengths and weaknesses

woman practicing neuromeditation at sunrise on her deck

Self hypnosis is a powerful tool to regulate your brain and experience deep feelings of peace

couple holding hands after online telehealth therapy session in vermont

Sometimes an individual only has limited power to improve their life. Consider bringing your marriage into therapy for healing.

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If you are motivated and ready to make positive changes in your life, we are ready to help you. Contact us today to explore working together.