Supportive Parent Coaching

Life would be easier if children came with an instruction book. Unfortunately, every parent has to figure out their kid themselves. You don’t have to do it alone, however. We can help. The most important first step to fix any family issue is to understand which part of the family system is in need of healing and support. Most family therapy fails because the root cause of the issue is not properly diagnosed or treated.

Communication Problems

Learning how to effectively communicate the expectations of the home, emotional needs, and disagreements is crucial to having a peaceful home.

Blended Families

More and more families are being created after a divorce. These transitions can be difficult for kids and adults, and they require compassion, patience, and often professional guidance.

Behavioral Issues

Most kids (and adults, too) act out when they lack the words to describe what they need. Increasing the emotional intelligence of each family member will help decrease behavioral outbursts.

Grief Work

People experience loss in different ways. Sometimes children process it through seemingly inappropriate questions or play. It’s important to allow everyone to have a healthy way to express this profound sadness.

family at dinner table getting along

Being A Parent Takes Skill

Many clients have asked why so many families are stressed and seem to struggle with just being together. One answer is that people are rarely taught how to raise a family. Imagine if construction workers were not taught how to properly build houses. How many homes would fall or collapse? That is why it is so important that all parents receive education and guidance to help them raise a healthy and thriving family. At LifeWise, we focus on teaching you the three pillars of relationship and family success: connect, reflect, and redirect.


Increase the Love and Like within your family while considering how everyone’s daily interactions can help create a deeper sense of connection, repair, and validation.


Consider how your own emotional intelligence and overall health impact family life. Taking responsibility of your actions and contributions the home has profound results.


Learning how to co-regulate as a team while creating a deeper sense of connection even during difficult times. This connection can also help guide everyone towards a shared vision of the future.

Anna Helfand, LCMHC

Anna Helfand, LCMHC

Expert Parent Coach

Anna’s gentle yet firm approach to helping clients allows them to immediately feel safe and confident that they are in good hands. She has extensive training in child and family counseling, parent coaching, and conflict resolution.

Direct Support For Your Child

In addition to getting parental support, consider the needs of your child. Sometimes a holistic and systemic approach is the best way to create lasting change.

Play Therapy

Children often struggle to tell us exactly what they need. Fortunately, a trained professional can learn a lot while engaging in play therapy.

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Giving a developing mind the support it needs to thrive is one of the best investment anyone can make for a loved one.

Brain Mapping

Have you ever wondered what is happening inside the mind of your child or even your own head? Consider getting a multipoint inspection of your brain’s performance to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

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