Communication & Insight Therapy

If you break a circle anywhere, it is no longer a circle.

Many people are stuck in negative cycles and struggle to break free. There can be a variety of reasons that someone feels trapped or stuck in this process. Fortunately, there are several ways to get out of it. We help individuals, couples, and families learn the skills necessary to break their negative cycles and create positive change. That is why we created the theory of “Communication and Insight Therapy.”


Connection refers to the quality of your relationships with others. These can be romantic, friends, coworkers, and especially your own family. We generally assess the feelings of love, like, and lust when appropriate. Observing general interactions with others is a great way to analyze and improve your function in this domain.


Reflection is your own level of emotional intelligence and overall health. Emotional intelligence (EQ) has been shown to be a better indicator of overall life, work, and relationship success than most other factors including IQ. It means that one is able to appropriately identify, label, express, and manage strong feelings. We also include health in this domain as psychological, physical, and emotional health are important for every person.


Redirection is an important skill for couples and families, and it is the most difficult. It refers to your ability to co-regulate with each other (i.e. get excited, relax, or cope together) as well as to work towards a shared vision of your future and goals. It is generally best to initially have professional support with this domain. However, in order for lasting and lifelong change, the couple or family will need to be able to apply this skill on their own.

Your Expert Team

Dr David Helfand and his wife Anna Helfand have years of training in supporting the goals of families, couples, and individuals. They each have specialized training in different areas, but they work as a team when needed so that every person can experience the same excellent outcome. Their years of experience are what led to the development of Communication and Insight Therapy.

Anna Helfand, LCMHC

Anna Helfand, LCMHC

Anna has years of training in parent coaching, child play therapy, CBT for kids and adolescents, and individual counseling. She has a strong dedication to helping kids and young adults explore their identity and passions in life while empowering parents to become an advocate for their children’s wellbeing.

Dr. David Helfand PsyD psychologist and owner of LifeWise

Dr. David Helfand, PsyD

Dr H is an expert at quickly discovering why people are stuck in their negative cycles and then identifying the best methods to help them break free. He has extensive training in couples counseling, neurofeedback & neuromeditation, brain mapping, and individual counseling. He also offers intensive couples therapy retreats.

Fix The Root Cause

Most clients experience benefits within 3-5 sessions. That is because we focus on quickly identifying the root cause of you concerns and then teach you how to resolve it. The more you feel empowered to create positive change, the longer you will feel relief.

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