Compassionate Psychotherapy

Discover how to achieve your goals by considering the biological, psychological, social, sexual, and purpose factors in your life.

Personalized Talk Therapy

Learn the skills you need to achieve your goals in an effective and efficient manner

Calm your busy mind, get rid of racing thoughts, and finally find peace

Wake up feeling energized, stop tossing and turning all night, and finally learn what it feels like to be well rested

Stop the negative cycles of distress and learn how to reconnect and increase intimacy

Stop feeling helpless, hopeless, and overwhelmed. Get relief.

Train your brain to focus, get organized, and stay on track‚Äč

Heal your brain from a TBI or post concussion syndrome‚Äč

Let's Get Started

When you are ready to start making positive changes, contact Dr Helfand using the link below. You can also learn more about his philosophy of care, his training and biography, or the use of Telehealth and virtual sessions.