Expert Sex Therapy For Couples

Couples of all ages can lose their spark or desire. Sexual satisfaction is extremely important for marital success and affair prevention.

Counseling To Reconnect

Most couples want a satisfying sex life. Many individuals have different pictures of what that looks like. Having an open and positive conversation with your partner is the most important way to achieve sexual satisfaction for both of you, and I can teach you how to accomplish that.

lesbian couple talking while on swing set at park

Positive Communication

Many people feel uncomfortable or insecure discussing sex with their partner. It can also be difficult to critique the acts of your lover in the heat of the moment. Learning when and how to positively coach each other will lead to not only better sex but a better relationship overall.

Sexual Interests

It can feel awkward to tell your partner what you really want in bed. Whether you are a heterosexual couple, LGBT+ or want to explore other sexual activities, there are ways to spice up the play in the bedroom that feel safe and fun for all people involved.

happy couple drinking tea after great sex
doctor pointing at brain scan on wall back lit

Neuroscience of Sex

Your brain is the largest sex organ in your body. In fact, people who are paralyzed can have erections and maintain an active sex life. Understanding how the brain operates while in love, during sex, and every moment in-between can help you unlock a more satisfying sex life.

Let's Get Started

When you are ready to start making positive changes, contact Dr Helfand using the link below. You can also learn more about his philosophy of care or the use of Telehealth and virtual sessions.